Sustainable tourism

TrekkingTourism is the world's largest and fastest growing industry, with growth rates ranging between three and six percent annually depending on the location. Impact Adventure Travel are aware of the detrimental impact this continuous growth poses on the environment and local cultures, the very resources that support our travel. Our overriding policy is one of Sustainable tourism that fosters environmental integrity, social justice and local economic development. Sustainable tourism is a form of tourism that is committed to making a low impact on the natural environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for local people. 

The following practices affirm our commitment to sustainable tourism:

- Small group travel that creates minimal impact to the environments we visit.

- We employ local guides and staff to complement the efforts of our trip leaders and camping crews. We want you to see Africa through the eyes of the local people.

- As much as we possibly can, we use small locally owned camps and lodges, ensuring maximum benefits remain with the local people.

- Our crews are under strict instructions not to drive off designated roads as offroad driving damages the ecosystem in parks.

- We arrange homestays for clients wishing to interact closely and share in the local lifestyle. This contributes extra income to the local hosts. Clients are sufficiently briefed on what to expect and to respect local cultures.

- Partnerships with local ecotourism initiatives that provide a distinctive, honest visitor experience. We encourage local people to show off the natural and cultural heritage of their communities, so that tourists gain a richer experience and the local people develop pride in their locales.

- Supporting local economies by purchasing food supplies from local markets and participating with small, local businesses.

- Diversifying our destinations and activities to include tours to least visited areas. This helps to spread out tourism impact and minimise pressure on the more popular destinations. It also contributes to even distribution of tourism income and economic growth.

Travellers Philanthropy

School ChildrenWhile we endeavor, through our sustainable tourism policy, to leave a mark on the lives of the local people, we realise that some of our clients are keen to 'leave a footprint' in the areas we visit by supporting a project. In simple terms travellers philanthropy is about giving by travellers. Impact offers our clients the chance to channel their donations to local projects in a structured manner. We discourage handouts as these only make local people more dependent instead of being empowered.

Our main focus is on providing education for disadvantaged children and interested clients can donate school supplies, sponsor scholarships, and support the building of rural schools. In spite of the lack of adequate facilities at school, these children have an unwavering thirst for education. No contribution is too small-everyone makes a difference!




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